Australian Healthy Food Guide – March 2022
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Welcome Australian Healthy Food Guide Magazine March 2022 Issue

How many do you do? Vegetables that is. Well, not just vegies, but how many different plant foods do you eat each and every week? You might have noticed the latest trend of plant-based eating.
From frozen meals to fast food burgers, it seems meat is out and veg is in. But with all that buzz comes plenty of confusion. What does ‘plant-based’ even mean?
This month, we get to the bottom of meat-free myths and misconceptions (p16) and share new ways to add more veg to your day that will excite even the biggest meat enthusiasts (from p38). Plus, you’ll find tasty work lunches to enjoy at home or in the office (p64), and perfectly portioned chocolate treats (p74). Yum!
For most of us, the summer holidays feel like a very distant memory and the stress of balancing work and family pressures has well and truly kicked in. We reveal how to keep stress under control with mood-boosting foods and handy tips from the experts (p28). Pour yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the magazine issue!
Brooke Delfino, Editor

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