Australian Healthy Food Guide – June 2022
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It seems we blinked — and it’s June! Winter is the time for warming soups, cosy traybakes and hearty curries. While I don‘t love the cold weather, I do love cold-weather food, especially when it helps me to stay healthy from the inside out.
However, winter dishes are often heavy and stodgy, the kind of food that makes you want to take a nap (not a walk!) afterwards. This can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. With millions of Australians visiting the GP for fatigue each year, our national ‘human energy’ crisis is reaching tipping point. Luckily, this issue is loaded with healthy comfort food, energising snacks, plus a seven-day
To celebrate our 200th birthday issue, we asked some of our trusted health & nutrition contributors to share their expert tips and reasons why they
love and recommend Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine. Look out for their faces throughout the issue!

Brooke Delfino, Editor