Australian Gourmet Traveller – April 2023
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Welcome at Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine April 2023 issue

I love bright lights and big cities; the constant thrum of people living their lives, busy with places to go and people to see. Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo – give me their big city energy any day. And yet, looking back, many of my most memorable – dare
I say transformative – travel experiences have taken place away from that energy. Sleeping under the stars next to Uluru would be one of them; marvelling at the millennia of stories that have unfolded under their gaze. Planting native trees at Wolgan Valley, under the steely eyed supervision of a nearby mob of roos, is another. And, of course, anytime I go home to Aotearoa New Zealand, and find myself ambling along an abandoned, windswept beach or rambling up a bush-clad volcano. Those are the moments that make me pause and take stock, filling me with appreciation for the choices I have, and gratitude for the decisions I’ve made.
As you’ll read in Lee Tulloch’s story on forest bathing, it’s not just me. Communing with nature is scientifically proven to be good for us, improving both our physical and mental health.
At Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine April 2023 issue, we embrace the call of the wild and the luxury of remote solitude. It’s time to turn down the lights and enjoy a little stillness.

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