Australian Geographic – March-April 2023
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Welcome at Australian Geographic Magazine March-April 2023 issue

IT’S GREAT TO see our famous Aussie spirit of adventure still very much alive and kicking despite the setbacks of recent times. Three epic Australian Geographic Magazine Society-supported expeditions have been taking place over this past summer, and we’re thrilled, but also relieved, to report that all our adventurers are safe and well and have either completed or are on track to complete, their ambitious projects successfully. In November 2022, Drs Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson set out to traverse the Antarctic continent from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf. Conditions were severe across the white continent all summer, affecting not just polar expeditions but also cruise ships and tourism. After battling for 66 days in gruelling and treacherous conditions, the duo wisely decided to finish their expedition at the South Pole on 18 January. A further two Antarctic expeditions did much the same, including Britain’s Preet Chandi (Preet achieved the record for the longest solo unsupported polar expedition). They all showed great courage, responsible risk-taking and the critical ability to assess when to call it a day.
The Society evaluates applications for exploration funding across multiple criteria, but the ability to judge and manage risk is paramount. Tom Robinson reached the safety of the Cook Islands after 160 days alone on the Pacific Ocean in a small rowing boat. It took him longer than he’d hoped, but he’d planned for such a contingency and made it safely to shore.
We never cease to be inspired by people like Tom, Gareth, Richard, and also Lucy Barnard, who has returned to Colombia to continue her trek of the Americas. Despite COVID setbacks, Lucy’s grit and determination are truly life-affirming. In supporting these individuals to pursue their dreams, and by sharing their stories, we hope to ignite more humble ambitions in us all to get outside, explore, embrace nature and maybe venture a little beyond our comfort zone occasionally.
The Society’s sponsorship program spans the natural environment, science, exploration, community initiatives, and conservation. It’s funded by our commercial activities, while our bimonthly species-focused campaigns are funded via direct donations from our readers and customers of our retail partner, QBD Books.
From this year, 100 percent of the company’s profits – which are generated through magazine subscriptions, books and other activities of the AG business –
will go to the Society. In the pages of this magazine, it’s our mission and purpose to inspire Australians to love and care for this country. Through the Society, we empower individuals and organisations to tackle environmental challenges and find solutions to the threats facing nature.
This significant change will supercharge our mission and goals and allow us to scale up our support and advocacy for Australia’s natural environment in the future. Please
continue to help through your annual subscription, which automatically confers membership of the Society.
As a small, proudly independent, and Australian-owned brand, we are dependent on our valued members to continue our work by telling authentic
stories of Australia and supporting its many heroes.
Among our related activities is the amazing Our Country: 360° Cinematic Experience. It opens in Brisbane on 11 March 2023 and is a great way to immerse yourself in the glory of Australia’s unique natural treasures and provides a powerful impetus to get out into the real thing. See page 13 for details.
Hey…and don’t forget to switch off your lights for Earth Hour at 8.30 pm on Saturday 25 March.


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