Australian Camera – 2019 Full Year Issues Collection
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Australian Camera magazine is Australia’s leading publication for enthusiast-level photographers and for amateurs who want become more involved in their hobby. The magazine’s informative and entertaining style is designed to make advanced techniques and the latest imaging technologies both easier to understand and to put into practice. The magazine’s ‘real world’ approach to its editorial content helps amateur photographers get the most out of their equipment as well as achieving the satisfaction of mastering new skills. Our test reports are particularly valued for
their independence, comprehensive coverage and attention to accuracy.

Since 2010, Australian Camera has been a member of the prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), a global group of photography magazines selected for their high standards of content, production and independence. Australian Camera is the only Australian photography magazine to have been invited to join TIPA, and is closely involved in the judging of the highly-respected annual TIPA Awards for imaging product design.

Australian Camera’s Editor, Paul Burrows, has over 32 years of experience writing about photography, photographers, cameras and camera design, techniques, and imaging technologies. The magazine’s editorial contributors are all acknowledged experts in their particular fields.

Published since 1979, Australian Camera is dedicated to helping its readers obtain the maximum enjoyment from their photography by expanding their skills, techniques and vision.

Australian Camera Magazine is published six times yearly and is distributed nationally.

Australian Camera – January-February 2019
Australian Camera – March-April 2019
Australian Camera – May-June 2019
Australian Camera – July-August 2019
Australian Camera – September-October 2019
Australian Camera – November-December 2019

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Australian Camera – 2019 Full Year Issues Collection