Artists & Illustrators – August 2023
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It is with great excitement…

… that I can announce the return of The British Art Prize. For artists of all abilities, the esteemed competition welcomes every medium, style and subject for the judges’ careful consideration. This year, I’m also thrilled to announce we have some stellar sponsors, not least from creative digital giants Adobe and art luminaires including Derwent, Royal Talens, Atlantic and Pegasus Art. Don’t delay and enter today for the chance to win amazing prizes, have you and your work featured amongst the pages of Artists & Illustrators as well as your winning painting to be hung in the prestigious Gallery OXO on London’s Southbank. If last year’s competition and exhibition were anything to go by, this is sure to be an artistic highlight in 2023’s calendar. 
If you’ve already been on your summer holiday – or about to go – we hope you’re inspired by this month’s deliciously seasonal cover, by Spanish artist Bern Foster who paints a scene from Santa Monica Boulevard, all completely imagined – surprisingly, given how vivid his painting is – as he’s never been. Not that you would ever guess; you almost feel like you’re in California, basking in the sun, simply by gazing at the image.
Elsewhere, we have informative step-by-step guides on painting wildly diff erent subjects, such as a geisha doll, a lobster, a recreated picture from the eighties and even a bottle of HP Sauce. In a variety of mediums, they are all visually arresting and wonderful. I do hope you give – at the very least – one of them a go.
Then, we have a look at six entrants to this year’s Royal Academy Show and, on the other end of the spectrum, a show on street art celebrating the likes of Banksy. Both shows are wildly diff erent but that’s the uniquely great thing about art: it’s universal and for all. 

Niki Browes Editor

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