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APC – June 2022

APC – June 2022
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Australian tech story How Aussies helped start it all

We’re not just avid consumers of tech, here in Australia. This country and its clever people have contributed much to the technology that has made possible many of the products and services people around the world use today. It’s not really a secret that Australian scientists have been delivering genuinely impactful advances, but it’s also not something that gets a lot of recognition – which is a shame because the stories are fascinating.
So we’re doing that, here in APC Magazine. Starting this month Darren Yates embarks on a six-part journey through our proudest contributions to the modern world. Darren’s main reference point for much of this is the electronic circuit, and in large part, how valves gave way to transistors, and with that vastly increased capability, scalability, portability, and power savings. something new today engineers rely on innovations many Australians brought to the world. Part 1 kicks off on page 98 this month, and we hope you enjoy the read.
I can’t help but add a thought or two to our newest columnist Jon Honeyball’s chosen topic this month. It’s on page 18 and Jon shares his deep concern about how realistic war games are today, and when the setting is a modern war environment suddenly the escapism games offer is tempered darkly by the events in Europe.
My own gaming these days is mainly sim racing, but I sub to quite a few YouTube channels that cover war games, and it’s now darkly surreal to watch these YouTubers play as soldiers, pilots, or tank commanders, excitedly celebrating each ‘kill’. When the Russian invasion began some offered comment on how this affected what they do, explaining that it’s still a game and a fantasy world – a point Jon dwells on.
As I take in my nearly-daily gaming content from the likes of Phlydaily, Oddbawz, Growling Sidewinder and Operator Drewski, among others, it’s still a game I’m watching and nobody is being hurt. But to watch a tank battle in a setting that’s European… it’s just not possible to disconnect from the daily horror of this new reality.
These guys are all entertainers, and their chosen topic has had this most horrible dark cloud pass over it. I feel sorry for the conundrum they’ve been thrown in. They are doing a job, and providing entertainment. None take joy in or exploit the Russian invasion for clicks, and like all of us, want it to end soon, and peacefully.

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