APC – July 2023
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Welcome at APC Magazine July 2023 Issue

Hello everyone. I hope our cover didn’t scare anyone too much. We’re all working hard, and with the economy in a less than great state, I’m quite sure many of you are feeling the pressure to deliver above and beyond at work, and having APC tell you to work faster might be a bit rude – but the last thing we want to do is stress anyone that’s already working as fast as they can. Nobody needs that.
But really, our main feature this issue is all about learning a few new tricks for better efficiency. It’s doing the famous ‘smarter’, not ‘harder’. And there’s a lot that you can do to streamline your productivity – and that applies to everyone. You could be a good employee shining like a star at work, a student powering through studies, retired and just mucking around with apps for a personal project, or you could be one of our many internet billionaire readers sitting on a beach making personal wealth PowerPoints on a laptop. There’s stuff here for you all!
The whole team contributed their personal favourite time-savers for this, as well as some we’ve collected from readers that previously shared their top
tips. It covers many of the most popular apps today, and even if you only take away a couple of time-savers, then you’re two steps forward and no steps back. Success!
This APC magazine issue also sees the start of another magnificent Darren Yates history series. I get more emails from readers telling me they love these than for basically anything else we do, and I know why. These beautifully crafted and deeply researched pieces shine a light on the minor and momentous products, technologies and people that shaped the world we live in today. The road we’re setting off on this time is the history of personal computers in Australia, and it’s off to a flying start. The first of this five-part series begins on page 70. Enjoy!

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