APC – Issue 504, March 2022
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APC’s Windows problem-solver guide is here

Awards time is almost upon us! As you read, the editorial team is debating the great many products we saw through 2021, and from all the many worthy finalists picking winners. Every important PC category is covered – we are examiningCPUs, motherboards, graphics cards, systems and laptops, peripherals and components, plus the super-special Excellence and Gold awards.
All will be revealed in the next issue of APC, so it’s a special one to grab. We’ll be covering all the good stuff that was released in Australia through 2021, and it’s always an honour for us to be able to acknowledge the talent at the many companies that provide us all with the gear we love.
In other rather exciting news, we’ve also been examining ways of improving APC for you, and starting next month we have some very cool new regular sections making their first appearance. It’s also a good time to trim back on some areas I don’t think are necessarily the best use of our pages. We’re not doing a massive overhaul, but I do think that the new content we’re adding makes for an excellent monthly read, so see what you think when the next issue comes out (around March 21st), and see for yourself. Of course I am always ears-open – so there’s plenty of opportunity to let me know your thoughts.
Until then, do please enjoy this issue of APC Magazine. Our cover story is a Windows problem fixing guide, and it’s the sort of thing you’ll want to keep handy if and, sorry to say, when, disaster strikes. So do file this one away, it’s a keeper.
If producing any kind of digital audio has interested you – whether it’s music, a podcasts or anything else – we have several lovely features to help, and that includes looking back at the evolution of digital audio over time.
Plus, for anyone about to hit the ‘add to cart’ button for a new Intel-based system, Chris has summarised the new motherboard chipsets on offer, because it can be not just confusing, but also potentially expensive if you unwittingly end up paying for features you’ll likely never use.
Until next month!

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