APC – February 2022
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What’s been your stand-out tech of the year? Here at APC Magazine we’re thinking about that right now, and a few particularly nice things linger in our memory. As always, as we get into 2022 in earnest, the team will be putting together our annual Australian PC Awards, but until we actually formalise that and homogenise the many differing opinions of the editorial team, it’s fun to look at what shone in 2021 less formally.
I was really impressed with the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 this year. By gosh is it nice. Microsoft don’t get enough credit for the design, manufacturing, and materials used in all of its hardware. I feel they’re taken for granted in some ways. The bar was set long ago with the first Microsoft Intellimouse and the Surface range impresses almost every time. The Laptop 4 is slick looking yet feels as solid as a truck. It was the 15-inch AMD Ryzen 7 4980U version and it was a double treat to experience AMD’s mobile Ryzen in day-t-day work.
A 16inMacBookwas also an upgrade this year, but that wasn’t planned…Prior, I was using a 2019MacBook – which we need for magazine production as the company is all-Mac when it comes to Adobe
apps, and for me that means In design…until one day I noticed that the battery had swollen to twice its size and had pushed out the aluminium case to a scary bulge. Not good! I shut it down the moment I saw that. No body wants an exploding laptop two feet from their face. The crazy thing is that it lives on a laptop stand and the bottom is out of view– so I
only noticed the bulge when I decided to move my desk to a new spot in the working-from house. It could have been like that formany weeks – or more. I still shudder thinking about it.
I’d also like to share the love I have for the Logitech G915 TLK Wireless keyboard that is my daily driver. Nicest keyboard I’ve ever used. And, while I’m gushing about tech I have genuine affection for, my 15-year old Brother HL-21 laser printer remains the most long-serving and dependable device I’ve ever owned. Take that, app-driven subscription ink service inkjets. I truly love the old Brother, it’s like an old friend.
Plus a notable mention for my new favourite game Forza Horizon 5! I’ll be wandering the Mexican environments through the Christmas break
for sure.
I hope you got some nice things in 2021. And, I hope APC Magazine was of some assistance helping you decide what to buy. Stay safe!

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