Animal Planet Magazine – 18 May 2022
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Welcome at Animal Planet Magazine May 2022 Issue

Hello animal lovers!
Welcome to another action-packed issue of Animal Planet magazine! Well, perhaps not so action-packed as it happens. This issue, we’re investigating nature’s most laid-back animals … I think I’d quite like to be a sloth, chilling in a tree!
Do you love your pet and think they’re the best? Well, it turns out, they are! Flip to page 10 to find out why our pets are the real superheroes of the world.
On page 14, we moustache you a question … Do you find these hairy critters as funny as we do?!
We investigate the musical superstars of the animal kingdom on page 12, and make our very own terrarium on page 38. Find out how you can too! Don’t forget to enter our epic competitions on page 40, and send us your pictures on page 62.
Happy exploring!
Meghan McCormack,

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