American Survival Guide – November 2020
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Inside American Survival Guide Magazine November 2020 Issue

We use this time-honored phrase as a guiding principle when we plan each issue of American Survival Guide. Rather than focus on a single topic, we think there’s more value and appeal in packing an assortment of subjects into every edition.
Here’s what you’ll fi nd in this issue—in what might be the broadest collection of interests yet. A reader recently suggested we talk about the eects of EMPs on motor vehicles, so we asked Jim Jenries to dive deep and let us know what we should be concerned about and how to mitigate the threats. Jim even included some interesting facts about early U.S. atomic and nuclear tests and their outcomes. 2020 has been challenging, and we wanted you to be ready … just in case.
Everyone knows about BattlBox and the great service and intrigue it provides to its customers. Until now, you might not have had a clue about what happens to products before they’re picked for inclusion in the company’s subscription service. Michael D’Angona’s exclusive interview looks at BattlBox’s new Netflix series, Southern Survival, including the key players and what motivates the BattlBox team to be so picky about the gear it selects.
In another piece, Michael takes a look back at the prominence of PPE gear in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and o ers some ideas for minimizing this concern in the future. Dana Benner is a straight shooter who believes you can never have enough self-reliance and survival skill knowledge. One of his articles in this American Survival Guide Magazine issue explains how it’s useful to learn from other peoples’ mistakes as you pursue your plans for overcoming all manner of adversities. Not unlike the lessons passed down in oral histories, this group of references inspired him and helped shape his approach to prepping.
In another article, Dana explains how the road to self-su ciency isn’t short or smooth, but the benefi ts compound as you go and are well worth the efort. Brian M. Morris admits to not having the greatest relationship with the latest technologies. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when you’re the ruler of your own successful homestead. In some cases, however, he invokes his U.S. Army Special Forces training and makes things happen. In this particular case, Brian provides an account of building his first amateur radio rig—something that intimidates many of the “technologically uninitiated.”
With gun purchases at an all-time high and the availability of inventory exceptionally poor, Steve Barlow looked at a couple of options from North American Arms you might not have considered. He ran them through his gauntlet and range-testing and explains how they performed and under what circumstances these two might be useful self-defense tools for you. Garrett Lucas took a couple of Bradford Knives’ edged tools into the woods and put them to many of the same tests you would. Having reviewed other Bradford models for ASG in the past, he found the larger 3D Guardian 5.5 and the smaller G-Necker to be … well, he can explain it better than I can.
In each issue, Christopher Nyerges adds to our foraging knowledge base with an informative column on a useful plant. This month’s subject is the wild carrot, which is fairly widespread in the United States. He also penned a feature that outlines some options for reducing your dependence on the grid and pricey modern conveniences, whose place can easily be taken by simple and ecient manual devices. You can save money and energy (and get a little exercise at the same time!).
Mike Travis curated a wide variety of new survival products that would enhance any prepper’s kit. And, Michael D’Angona’s cold-weather outerwear guide is packed with products that’ll keep you toasty when the winter winds blow. You’ll find both of these articles good resources for adding to your wish list or checking on some gift ideas for others.
As always, we hope you enjoy and benefit from this month’s ASG. Let me know what you think and if there are any topics you think we ought to consider.

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