American Scientist – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection
English | 6 Issues | True PDF | 102 MB

Each issue is filled with feature articles written by prominent scientists and engineers who review important work in fields ranging from molecular biology to computer engineering. Also included is the Scientists’ Nightstand that reviews a vast range of science-related books.

Full access to the site is provided without additional charge to Sigma Xi members and institutional subscribers, who arrange site licenses. Individual subscribers can choose between print and digital versions, or a combination of both. You can subscribe via our publisher, Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Honor Society, a non-profit membership society, 501(c)3, founded in 1886 to honor scientific achievement, foster ethical research, and promote science education and the public appreciation of science.

Online, we host four types of blogs:

  • Macroscope—scientists discuss new directions or issues,
  • The Long View—authors update a magazine feature with the latest research,
  • Science Culture—staff and scientist authors write about the interaction between science and culture
  • From The Staff—our editorial team blogs and discusses what’s on our radar.

American Scientist – January-February 2022
American Scientist – March-April 2022
American Scientist– May-June 2022
American Scientist – July-August 2022
American Scientist – September-October 2022
American Scientist – November-December 2022

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American Scientist – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection