American Miniaturist – Issue 227 – May 2022
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Recently I realized I was going too fast through each day to complete all my daily tasks and I was missing what’s most important – taking time for the people around me.
I go through this cycle regularly. For a while I LIVE for my lists. I make lists for every facet of my life: house, garden, artwork, AM/DHM, health, my art business – it’s endless! Then I take note that my shoulders are often tight and I get frustrated at the end of the day that I forgot to call my mom or email friends back. The modern lifestyle expects more from us everyday just to keep up with ourselves. So I have started a new routine. Before
I start work in the morning, I take time to respond to my personal emails, post on my blog, then check in on my social media. When I start work I take time to answer work emails and chat with contributors. It’s so important to make time for personal relationships. Even taking time to talk to my neighbors while we’re gardening!
Also carving out some ‘me’ time is super important. It used to be sitting with my AM or DHM and reading every page, but now I get to do that while working! However busy you are, be sure to nurture your personal relationships and also enjoy your AM and miniature time!
Auralea Krieger, Editor
[email protected]

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