American Art Collector – February 2021
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On the Horizon The February issue of American Art Collector has arrived, in their pursuit of new art. In this issue, we are proud to show the talents of the 10 finalists for The Bennett Prize 2.0 who were announced on November 30. You can see their artwork in our feature of the finalists starting on page 36. There are also many great shows on the horizon in March and April. This includes the International Guild of Realism’s Spring Salon Online Exhibition, from March 20 to May 20, which will include new paintings by members of this important group. If the upcoming shows are any indicator, it is going to be a banner year for collectors.
On another exciting front to our readers, Rochelle Belsito will be expanding her editorial provenance and will become executive editor of American Art Collector beginning with our March issue. We are the only monthly magazine devoted exclusively to collectors of contemporary representational art, and Rochelle has great plans for highlighting beautiful and informative previews around the country. Having been with the magazine since October 2010 and its managing editor since August 2013, Rochelle is ready to take her passion for representational art and her vision to the pages of the magazine. She is thrilled to work with you, the reader and collector, as well as the gallery owners and artists to continue to elevate the world of art collecting.
Enjoy reading through the pages of this issue, and be sure to check out our calendar showcasing some of the exhibitions and fairs that will be happening in February. There are many new events coming up, and if there is something you’d like us to know about for our March issue, please email us at [email protected]. We love to hear your feedback.
Wendie Martin & Adolfo Castillo
P.S. Please check out our Online Exhibition Spaces where each advertiser has a page on our website to show new inventory and exhibit shows. You can get a taste for the artists in the magazine as you peruse the pages and then get a full expansion on our website through the gallery’s space. Simply go to, look for your favorite gallery and click on their space. We love to know about art that has found a new home from our Online Exhibition Spaces or the pages of our magazine. Email [email protected] with your collecting stories.

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