All About History Magazine Issue 144 June 2024
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We tend to hold a pretty grim picture of medieval life in our minds as a default. The concept of the Dark Ages has probably colored things a little, while miniatures and illuminations depicting hideous boils and gruesome surgeries have done the reputation of contemporary physicians no favours at all.But as with so much of history, the reality is always more complex than the surface level understanding. Medieval medicine was primitive in many ways by modern standards, but also very innovative. There was no anesthetic or a firm concept of antiseptic, and astrology played too much importance on the whole, but they understood wider holistic factors about
maintaining physical health, and many remedies are still used to this day.
We welcome Elma Brenner as our guide through these often bloody and stomach churning stories to understand exactly what medieval health workers hoped and thought they were achieving. For subscribers who now have access to our digital library (more info on page 10), you can enjoy even more medical history content in issues 81 and 128.Meanwhile, in this issue you can uncover the might of the ancient Mycenaeans, discover the lost female artists being celebrated in the Tate Gallery, find out how John Dillinger’s crime sprees helped to form the FBI, and much more. As always, I hope you enjoy All About History Issue 144 June 2024.

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