Airgun Shooter – May 2023
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WHILE good-quality airguns, scopes and other items of shooting equipment will serve for years, it’s always exciting to see what innovations and advancements manufacturers will come up with next, and the British Shooting Show gave us our first look at what we can expect to find in the shops. One new air rifle already here is the Airacuda Max from a new manufacturer called JTS. Phill Price has been putting it through its paces and reckons this airgun has plenty of potential.
I’ve been testing a rifle that will be very well known to many shooters, the HW100KT Adjustable Laminate, the latest variant of Weihrauch’s mighty PCP that now comes with push-button adjustability. Pistol fan Phil Hooper delivers his long-term verdict on another Weihrauch, the HW45 Black Star, an over-lever springer with two power settings, which has had five years of use. Phill Price has also been looking at not one, but two prismatic scopes from Immersive
Optics, while I’ve been sorting out some competition-grade pellets with the help of a few specialist measuring devices from Pelletgage.
We’ve been spending plenty of time outdoors, as Phill has been out in the woods on a dismal day looking for squirrels, JDJ Braithwaite has been offering detailed advice about how to choose a suitable site for a feeder and I’ve been sharing tips about how to measure distance should you find yourself without a rangefinder.
Plenty of shooters have sold a rifle, only to live to regret it. Andy McLachlan, our resident target shooter, is one such man, having loved his Daystate Red Wolf, only to sell it and then mourn its loss. But does this story have a happy ending? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out!

Mike Morton
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