Airgun Shooter – July 2023
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Welcome at Airgun Shooter Magazine July 2023

THERE’S a definite argument both ways as to whether newcomers to the sport should learn to shoot with a pre-charged pneumatic or a springer, but it’s the plain truth that most airgun shooters will begin their journey with a springer. This is usually down to the cost of the rifle and springer will almost always benefit from the addition of a scope, and sometimes a moderator too, there’s no need to splash out on the charging equipment that’s required for a PCP.
So in this issue Phill Price and I have each been testing a springer. Phill’s test rifle is the Turkish-made Accumax S1, while mine is the Birmingham-built BSA Comet SE. I won’t spill the beans of our reviews, but needless to say both rifles deliver what they promise.
I’ve also been going down a very personal route and listing my favourite three air rifles. My choices won’t be yours, but I’ve always found it interesting to see what others are shooting and why they like them so much.
Phill has been busy fitting a red dot sight to his competition pistol, explaining the various types of avian quarry for the hunter and laying out the pros and cons of applying for a Firearm Certifi cate and shooting an FAC rifle.
If you’re a lover of wooden rifle stocks, then you’ll want to read Phil Hooper’s in-depth guide to stock restoration and maintenance, showing how a beaten-up and rather abused old handle can be made to look and feel even better than new.
Andy McLachlan continues his benchrest blitz by discussing the various ways a rifle can be supported, and talks about a telescopic sight that he reckons offers the perfect ratio of price to performance for this most demanding discipline.
In the meantime, enjoy your shooting,
Mike Morton
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