Air Fryer Cookbook – Spring 2023
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Welcome at Air Fryer Cookbook Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

Every once in a while a new product gets launched that revolutionises the kitchen space – think the microwave oven, the stand mixer and breadmaker – and we think the air fryer is the next one off the rank. Being the new ‘kid on the block’, air fryer recipes may be hard to come by, so we thought we’d help out and provide you with 75 fantastic ideas, from the simple to the more sophisticated, that will get you started on your air fryer journey.
Of course, every air fryer is different, so it’s important that you take note of the guidelines for your particular model, but the premise of cooking with less oil or fat than you would usually use remains the same.
As well as all the fantasic recipes you will find in the coming pages, we also have a quick-guide starter feature on page 14 that should tackle any of your initial questions about the air fryer, while on page 30 we have essential cooking charts that give you the temperature and times of popular ingredients.
Following our recipes should give you a great insight into the air fryer’s capabilities, but why not experiment with your own ideas as well – there’s so much fun to be had!

Nick Gregory
[email protected]

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