ABC Organic Gardener – July 2019
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ou may be thinking that ABC Organic Gardene Issue 109 has arrived a little earlier than usual – and you would be right. Thanks to your support, we have moved to eight issues a year at regular intervals of six weeks. In recent years we have been publishing seven issues, with an extra spring issue, but it’s satisfying to now get into a more even flow – good for our busy editorial team and good for readers as you will have more clarity about when your pdf magazine is due to arrive.
It also means we can have a couple of issues of practical garden advice per season: acknowledging of course that our seasons are changing as the climate changes, so the gardening advice always needs to be taken in the context of individual locations and conditions. As with so much of the world, climate and seasons are in a state of flux, so please add your own local knowledge and experiences to any advice we give.
Our latest move to eight issues is just part of a long history as we hit 20 years of publishing ABC Organic Gardener. Yes, 20 great years! The ABC Organic Gardener magazine started with a one-off publication by the ABC written entirely by the great Peter Cundall. It was called Peter Cundall’s Organic Gardening, and sold out, inspiring the ABC to start its own organic gardening title. Organics were only just edging into mainstream consciousness at the time. Peter Cundall wrote: “All around the world, people are becoming more and more aware of the environment and the effect we are having upon it. In many ways, the first environmentally aware people were organic gardeners.”
Today, the organic gardening movement continues to gain momentum, with edible gardening becoming increasingly part of our backyard endeavours. As part of OG’s 20th year, next issue we will revisit the core ethics of organic gardening and farming, profiling some great examples.
This issue we have a big feature on rediscovering kale, along with some tasty recipes from Lentil Purbrick of Grown & Gathered fame. We’d been thinking that after an initial flurry of enthusiasm a few years back, many gardeners had become disenchanted with kale, more because of lack of cooking ideas and unsatisfactory methods. So please read Lentil’s article and be re-enchanted with his wonderful green leafy veg.
Also look out for the special feature on plummeting insect numbers and our insightful conversation with The Science Show’s host, Robyn Williams. Thanks also to everyone who came to our stand at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March. It was an amazing event as usual and fantastically supported with stacks of subscriptions and show bags sold. The five-day event draws a massive crowd and features inspiring display gardens, talks and workshops, and a wide array of stallholders selling everything garden related. Please put it on the calendar for 2020! – EDITOR’S LETTER

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