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From expert tutorials covering the whole pipeline to incredible industry-led features on the likes of Pixar and Blur Studio, 3D Artist Issue 121 – 2018 is the ultimate monthly magazine for 3D students, enthusiasts and professionals. Please note: Digital versions of t
3D Artist  |  Issue 121  
For thirty years, RenderMan has shaped the CGI revolution in animation and visual effects. RenderMan is continuously evolving, shaped year after year by the artistic and technical requirements of Pixar’s films and the ground breaking work by studios around the world. Always focused on production rendering, Render Man continues to deliver state-of-the-art technology to artists and studios, producing award-winning imagery of ever-increasing quality and sophistication. RenderMan 22 has been thoroughly modernised, with a focus on delivering high performance interactive rendering, for both Maya and Katana. You get immediate visual feedback as you adjust lights, shaders, geometry, hair grooms, the timeline and more during interactive rendering sessions. And of course, because it’s RenderMan, you always have the option to dive in as deeply as you want. The new interactivity and performance coupled
with support for USD allows you to rethink how you work.