3D Artist – December 2018
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3D Artist – December 2018 MASTER ARCH VIZ
An industry which has been revolutionised by 3D design software over the last couple of decades is undoubtedly architecture. Where once a creative would brief clients with a 2D image or a scale model, now a living, breathing, 3D representation can be created that’s perfect right down to every conceivable detail. From buildings that are perfectly to scale, to
interior designs replete with nuances such as scratches and other realistic features, the possibilities for realism are almost endless. But unlike some other aspects of design, architecture visualisation is perhaps unique in that everything everything designed and created has to look like it would be able to exist in the real world. Inside these very pages, some of the industry’s leading experts share their insights on how to create architecture
visualisations that leap off the page and into the cities of the future.