220 Triathlon UK – July 2023
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Welcome at 220 Triathlon UK Magazine July 2023 Issue

What scares you? I’m not talking spiders or snakes here, but the kind of activities and elements of sport that scare you. For some it could be swimming in open water, for others the fear of trying something new – and if we’re honest, we’re all scared of something! In this issue, we were lucky enough to chat to Louise Minchin, triathlete and TV presenter, about her adventures with 16 amazing women for her new book, Fearless. In it, she explores different activities – from triathlon to ice diving – with women who have followed their passions to excel in their sports. I’d urge you to read the book (and our interview on p24!) as, if nothing else, it will make you realise you’re not alone and that maybe, in trying something new, you’ll find you’re a little stronger than you thought.

Helen webster, editor

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