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Woodworker’s Journal – April 2023

Woodworker’s Journal – April 2023
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Sometimes I hear folks talking about how schools don’t teach shop class any longer and that young people (and when you are my age, a lot of people are “younger”) are just not woodworking or making stuff with their hands.
And while it’s true that industrial arts does not have as much importance in middle and high schools as it once did, if you take a gander at YouTube, there are lots of young people making stuff and “teaching” how to do it. A good portion of them call themselves “makers,” and wood is really only one of their mediums.
My problem with their content is so much of it is of questionable quality. So for someone looking to learn how to build something from wood, YouTube has many options. But if you don’t know much about woodworking, how do you know if the ” influencer” know what are they talking about ?
For that reason, we are launching a limited four-part series of features called Woodworking Basics that teach very core woodworking techniques in a logical manner that build one upon another. Make all four projects and a person will have a reasonable grasp of what it means to make something from wood.
But I hope these articles will do more than that. If you, like me, have children in your life who want to learn how to make things from wood, these articles will offer easy-to-build projects that are safe to make (no power tools needed) and practical. It is my hope that this series of projects can guide parents, grandparents and mentors as they help young people get into and understand woodworking.
I realize it is a bit of a grandiose vision, but I am feeling very good about it. Let’s give it a go! And please let me know if this content is useful to you.

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