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Louisiana Cookin’ – September-October 2023

Louisiana Cookin’ – September-October 2023
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Welcome at Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine September-October 2023 issue

AT THE END OF A SUMMER full of seafood boils, hearty greens, and okra, by September, we’re all ready for fall. Ready for the gumbos. Ready the football. Ready for a break in the unrelenting heat and threat of hurricanes. But it’s not that easy, is it? We have to wait—patiently—until those fi rst glimpses of cooler weather start showing up on October evenings. Well, dear reader, we’ve got an issue full of great stuff for you when that weather does turn.
When I speak with folks like Chef Frank Brigtsen and 2023 Chef to Watch Jeff Heard, I’m always reminded that gumbos aren’t so much of a dish as an event. Nobody makes a small gumbo. Th ey’re perfect for sharing, and they’re such a wonderful vehicle for pairing things that you have in your pantry with your favorite flavors. On page 61, you’ll fi nd a tailor-made gumbo party that begins with an Herbed Shrimp Dip and leads to a crescendo with a Chicken and Collards Greens Gumbo (recipe on page 67). I’ll go ahead and say this up front: if you won’t entertain the idea of tomatoes in your gumbo, just leave them out though you’ll need to adjust the liquid level to your preference). For another nice starter for the gumbo, I’d direct your attention to the Oyster Shooters (recipe on page 73) or the zippy White Bean Dip with Grilled Vegetables (recipe on page 19).
Th is is, of course, our annual Chefs to Watch issue, and this year’s class is a really impressive bunch. They come from all corners of the state and are doing a terrific job of interpreting Louisiana’s most storied dishes and making local ingredients shine. You can head to page 37 to meet them and then see them in person at our Chefs to Watch Awards Dinner on October 12 at the Southern Hotel in Covington. It’s a lovely evening with each of the six chefs preparing a course (along with some spot-on wine pairings). Tickets are available at, and I’d love to see you there.
The Louisiana Cookin’ magazine team and I hope, as always, that you enjoy this magazine issue and fi nd a few dishes and stories that stick with you for a long time to come.

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