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Fine Cooking – August 2021

Fine Cooking – August 2021
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Saving Summer

Our tomato gardens are overflowing with sun-ripened heirlooms, we’re up to our ears in fresh sweet corn, and the peaches have never been juicier.
Bumper crop season has arrived—and we’re here for it. Are you hitting up the farmers market on the regular or constantly searching for ideas about what to do with your weekly CSA? A fresh Swiss chard salad, blistered green beans, and grilled zucchini steaks (“Peak Season,” p. 34) highlight the best of summer cooking, reminding us that simple preparations and ingredients that amplify a just-picked vegetable’s natural flavor are often the best way to go.
But sometimes not cooking at all is the way to go! The most blistering days call for whirling up a chilled soup to keep you (and your kitchen) cool.
And once you try our riff on gazpacho, which gets a touch of sweetness and depth from watermelon (p. 48), you might never want it any other way.
We know that come January you’ll be craving a serious dose of warmth and sunshine, so why not put your freezer to work now so you can enjoy a taste of summer on those cold, dreary days? Sure, you can freeze your excess of raw corn and berries (and we’re sure to do that). But as Ali Rosen shares in “Freeze the Day” (p.50), you could also make and freeze corn fritters and blueberry hand pies to fry or bake up whenever you crave a summery treat.
And speaking of berries—and peaches, and cherries, and plums—how about turning all those fleeting summer fruits into a cobbler? We’ve got four jammy renditions (“Hot and Bubbly,” p. 82) just begging to be gobbled up with a melty scoop of good vanilla ice cream.
Green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, corn, berries, stone fruits—it’s a great time to enjoy great fruits and vegetables. And we’re here to help you make the most of the season’s produce smorgasbord.

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