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Classic Military Vehicle – April 2023

Classic Military Vehicle – April 2023
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As can be expected for this time of year, there’s plenty going on in the classic military vehicle magazine world. Our event pages are testament to this, with a bumper list of exciting military shows between now and the end of September.
The biggest attraction for armour enthusiasts this month is Tiger Day on Saturday April 22, one of just two opportunities each year to see the world’s only running Tiger tank in the arena at The Tank Museum.
This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the capture of Tiger 131 by British forces on April 24, 1943 making it a particularly significant event. To mark the occasion, CMV contributor Phil Loder has written a two-part feature on the history of the tank (see pages 28-32 for the first part).
Sticking with the anniversary theme, it has been 20 years since coalition forces led by the US invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. Former Para, Craig Allen, accompanied 16 Air Assault Brigade as a media escort and photographer and recalls the masses of abandoned armour left behind by fleeing Iraqi forces (42-46).
We also have a first-hand account from the Battle of Basra (48-49) describing what was ‘Britain’s biggest tank battle since World War Two’. What’s more, it is 50 years ago that the Paris Peace Accords were signed by the US, South Vietnam and communist North Vietnam, resulting in US military withdrawal from South Vietnam. We don’t often cover stories on the Vietnam War, but in this issue Craig Moore reports on one of the conflict’s most iconic vehicles, a M113 Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle.
So, while there’s plenty to look forward to this year, at the time of writing this in late February we have still not received any clarity around The War and Peace Show. The show website states “It’s coming back!” and will take place from July 25-29 at the Hop Farm in Kent, however, there’s no mention of it on The Hop Farm website.
Enjoy the read and, as always, your feedback is appreciated.


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