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Car Mechanics – February 2023

Car Mechanics – February 2023
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Welcome at Car Mechanics Magazine February 2023 Issue

More news arrived recently on updates to the MOT testing system in England, Scotland and Wales. The Department for Transport (DfT) has launched a public consultation about its proposed revision(s), and you can have your say on the matter.
I will outline briefly what is happening and the reasons behind it all.
The main proposed revision is to change the date of a vehicle’s first MOT from three years to four. As far as
I can tell, this is not a push for a 4-2-2 system (testing first at four years, then subsequently every two years thereafter that was debated about 11 years ago), but a 4-1-1 system, where annual testing will still be compulsory on vehicles older than four years.
When I say vehicles, I mean cars, LCVs, vans and motorcycles only – as heavier freight and passenger carrying vehicles are subject to annual tests anyway. Northern Ireland and some other European countries already operate a 4-1-1 system. Various reasons are given for the proposed move to test cars at four years, rather than three. Some are valid reasons I think, but I will let you decide.
Obviously, the delay of a year in testing a new vehicle can lead to safety concerns – tyres being a top failure point – many motorists just jump into a modern ‘new’ car and think it will go on forever without looking at its roadworthiness. Of course, TPMS are fitted to all new cars, so tyre pressures can mostly be monitored from with the cabin, but wear and tear (cuts even) need a visual check.
One of the reasons given is that newer cars visit the main dealer once a year for servicing (under the manufacturer warranty), where defects

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